Healthy Garden - фермы "Здоровый сад"
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Healthy Garden - Технология Здоровой Жизни!
Habitat of the Future.

СМИ о Healthy Garden и ферме "Здоровый сад"

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There was a time. . . when plants and crops were grownin the soil. There was a time when we had to rely on theunpredictable world to be able to sustain ourselves and fight off the various factors of life that would determine whether those ways were successful or not.

What if I told that we are at a time when those uncertainties can be harnessed in a controlled environment? We're not onlypast such a time of precariousness, but we're ''planting'' new innovative methods all around the world for society to grow — figuratively speaking.

I have been writing extensively about agriculture and hydroponics systems throughout these last months, but as I was writing, I started to hear rumours about a growing venture in Russia with the name of ''Healthy Garden'' that was dwelling deep into uncharted territory of implementing these means of the future.

Is Vertical Farming taking off in Russia?

I took an overnight train to a city located on the Volga River, Cheboksary, and found a team that was driven to bring something unaccustomed to the region. I spoke with the man behind the mysterious, ''Healthy Garden'' venture, Pavel Gordon, and visited this ''habitat of the future''.

He opened my eyes to the fascinating world of plants, humming machines and vibrant colours that had an almost hypnotizing effect… However, it did not get in my way of what I was looking to find, which was their perspective on the idea of addressing current and future growing trends with their own highly specialized methods. Are they paving the way for a change in the city and the country? With the mentoring and direction given by Mikhail Bolotin, that has increasingly undertaken and supported new and exciting ventures in the region and beyond, this could only go one way — up, up and up. Successful gardens can only grow with the right seeds and as Audrey Hepburn once said:

''To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow''.

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